What I Do As A Webpreneur


ELEMENT_9 by Millennial Bella

“Never let your schooling interfere with your education.” 

Albert Einstein

Millennial Bella™ is an online portal for webpreneurs and aspiring webpreneurs who are looking to take advantage of the free internet to make active, passive, and residual income. To educate the webpreneurs and aspiring webpreneurs on how to actively, passively, and residually make money utilizing the free web with research-proven techniques, high-class knowledge, and an above-and-beyond unparalleled support.


ELEMENT_9 by Millennial Bella

“Knowledge should be free but quality work should be bought.”

Millennial Bella

Through the years, the internet keeps on growing. Many ways on how to make money through the internet have been told, and many products sold. Millennial Bella believes that knowledge shouldn’t be sold but instead should be free for all. What you sell is quality, honest, and genuine work.

The Face Behind Millennial Bella

The free knowledge I offer are self-paced courses that will put your skills to the test. These courses are basically the same as the paid ones you get from the others. Just like any other online college class, I am available through chats and emails, but no phone calls for the most part. The reason being is that I handle different assets and ventures (which you will eventually learn and understand once you decide to forego with lessons). The goal is to make you aware of your aspirations, to push you to pursue your passion, and to encourage you to take action for every goal to be written.


Millennial Bella - Webpreneur


Hello everyone! I’m Kimmy and my online pseudonym is Kimiko. I am the founder and creator of this wonderful site especially crafted for female hustlers, webpreneurs, and boss ladies of the internet. I am an advocate of the free web and the open source community. I am a supporter of affiliate links and definitely a sworn prim-and-proper hacktivist. You can personally learn more about me at The Millennial Blogger. You can also view my professional persona at my online Media Kit.